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A SQUEEZE is all you need.

Some things still remain true, to maintain a healthy lifestyle Vitamin Squeeze™ encourages you to follow doctor’s orders by getting your Zzzz’s, eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water and taking your vitamins.

That’s where we come-in. Whether you are on the go, or need a pick-me-up before a workout, Vitamin Squeeze™ keeps your body hydrated with the proper nutrients and minerals to get you through the day. Vitamin Squeeze is a 0 calorie, 0 carb, and 0 sugar line of flavored water enhancers, designed in a variety of flavors where you control the flavor and nutrients.

What you put in your body reflects on the outside, which is why Bill McKay, Vitamin Squeeze founder, began studying the science behind how your body processes vitamins. Turns out, vitamins C and B are water-soluble and our kidneys excrete these vitamins rapidly. To support our immune systems we need to replenish vitamins as often as we hydrate.

McKay, invented the functional water enhancers to satisfy research and support healthy living, through hydration, by developing a concentrated, flavorful vitamin product in an easy to use squeeze bottle that fits every lifestyle.

It is the first water enhancer loaded with antioxidants, essential vitamins, electrolytes & minerals to replenish your body while you hydrate. Vitamin Squeeze currently produces Liquid & Powder Water Enhancers with healthy benefits plus energy!