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Vitamin Squeeze Review & #Giveaway!


My husband and I are natural water drinkers. We prefer it most of the time. Our children are following in our footsteps and other than milk, mainly drink water. That being said, we do like a little flavor from time to time and we’ve tried different types of water “enhancers” over the past year. Recently we discovered one that not only tastes great, it adds health benefits too!

Why drink plain water when you can enhance it with flavor, vitamins and minerals? Vitamin Squeeze is a new product that delivers a flavorful burst of vital nutrients and minerals to your water. A squeeze is all you need and each bottle contains 12 servings. A single serving delivers 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement, 40% of your Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12, plus Vitamin A, D, electrolytes, zinc and more. Vitamin Squeeze Water Enhancer is available in several flavors including:

Acai Grape Pomegranate
Fruit Punch
Strawberry Watermelon
Black Cherry
Blueberry Pomegranate Acai
Blood Orange
Pink Grapefruit
Vitamin Squeeze Water Enhancer contains ZERO calories, sugar and carbs making it a perfect addition to your daily water consumption, especially for diabetics or those watching their weight. A bottle retails for around $6.

We sampled the Black Cherry, Strawberry Watermelon and the Lemonade flavors. The Black Cherry is “Energy” and contains caffeine which I didn’t realize at first. Luckily I was the one who tried it and not my children. I found this flavor to be slightly bitter but completely tolerable if I want a boost of energy. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Strawberry Watermelon flavor — it was very refreshing! I was also very satisfied with the Lemonade flavor. Overall it was our favorite. I expected these to taste strongly of vitamins but they didn’t. In fact, you could hardly taste them at all. It’s nice to be able to regulate how much flavor you want and these squeezable bottles allow you to do just that. The powdered formula was the first of it’s kind that we’ve tried. We are used to liquid drops but the powder worked just as well and I didn’t have to worry about the bottle leaking!

More About Vitamin Squeeze™

“Ecosentials LLC developed the breakthrough squeezable bottle in 2012 with Vitamin Squeeze™ Liquid Water Enhancers. It used its patent pending dispensing technology to create the first-of-its-kind, squeezable Powder Water Enhancer. The line, which is unique to market because of its squeeze dispensing natural powder, is available in Multi-Vitamin, Energy and Weight Control formulas. Vitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancers are a delicious way to add vitamins C and B to your drinking water, which are clinically proven to be water-soluble vitamins that the body requires to be replenished throughout the day. The portable on-the-go bottle makes it easy to transform water into a nutrient enhanced beverage anywhere, anytime. When hydrating, remember: A Squeeze Is All You Need™ for delicious custom flavor and benefits.”

For more information on Vitamin Squeeze™, visit or like Vitamin Squeeze on Facebook and follow Vitamin Squeeze on Twitter.

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