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  • 7.1.2013 Functional Beverages Rounding into Form

    Source: Grocery Headquarters Manufacturers are flooding retailers with a wide array of healthy beverage options. Juicers, blenders and at-home soda makers are some the hotte...

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  • 7.1.2013 Functional Beverages: Formulas for the Future

    Source: Make It Your Way Ecosentials LLC, Phoenix AZ, debuted its own Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancer, which provides antioxidants, essential vitamins, electrolytes and minerals in a squeezable powder. Free from calories, ...

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  • 6.27.2013 Vitamin Squeeze Review & Giveaway - Oatmeal in my Bowl

    Source: Congrats Lynda #50498: “Blood orange or Black cherry! They both sound really great.” You’ll be receiving an email shortly with instructions to claim your prize. FLAVOR IT There is no better time to review than when you are camping. Especially a ...

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  • 3.14.2013 Vitamin Squeeze™ Makes Vitamin Replenishment a Breeze

    Phoenix, Arizona (03/14/13) – Many people aren’t aware that C and B-complex vitamins aren’t contained for long periods of time in the body and must be replenished in order for bodies to stay healthy. Vitamin Squeeze™ is the only all-natural powder water enhancer on the market that is nutritious enough to replenish the vital water-soluble C ...

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  • 3.12.2013 Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Squeeze™ Contains Green Coffee Bean

    Phoenix, Arizona (03/12/13) – Hydration is important to maintain good health, but it’s especially important for those who are trying to control weight. All-natural Vitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancer’s Pink Grapefruit not only makes hydration tastier, but contains Pure Green Coffee Bean extract. Recent studies, including the largest rese...

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  • 3.11.2013 Beverage customization trend gains traction

    Source: Consumers are looking for healthier beverage options and are turning to water and beverage enhancers for a flavor and nutrition boost. The emerging category is putting...

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  • 3.8.2013 Need To Drink More Water? Try Vitamin Squeeze!

    Source: Does drinking enough water a day seem like a chore to you? You're not alone. In fact, a lot of people have trouble drinking enough water and turn to those "light" powders and vitamin drinks. The problem with those is they can contain aspartame and/or calor...

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  • 3.04.2013 Ecosentials to expand Vitamin Squeeze water enhancer distribution in US

    Source: US-based Ecosentials is set to expand the distribution of its Vitamin Squeeze Liquid and Powder Water Enhancers to over 800 SUPERVALU stores across the US from March 2013. The retail chains that carry water...

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  • 2.27.2013 SUPERVALU Adds Vitamin Squeeze™ to 800 Stores Nationwide

    Phoenix, Arizona (02/27/13) – Ecosentials LLC is pleased to announce that Vitamin Squeeze™ Liquid and Powder Water Enhancers will be launched in more than 800 SUPERVALU stores nationwide under the retail banners Cub Foods, Acme Markets, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy and Albertsons. Depending on the store’s format, each retailer could carry up to...

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  • 2.26.2013 Vitamin Squeeze Review & #Giveaway!

    Source: My husband and I are natural water drinkers. We prefer it most of the time. Our children are following in our footsteps and other than milk, mainly drink water. That being said, we do like a little flavor from time to time and we’ve tried different types o...

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