Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have not heard of Vitamin Squeeze™? What is it?
A: Vitamin Squeeze™ is the NEW 0 Calorie, 0 Sugar, and 0 Carb amazingly delicious way to flavor your drinking water AND deliver nutritional value loaded with antioxidants essential vitamins, electrolytes & minerals!

Q: I already take a daily Vitamin, so why Vitamin Squeeze™?
A: GREAT QUESTION! The Science behind Vitamin Squeeze™…Glad you asked. What most of us don’t know is Vitamin C and B are water soluble. Because of this we expel them when we urinate. Therefore, adding these Vitamins to your hydration routine gives your immune system support and provides your body with the antioxidant protection it needs to help keep you healthy and strong.

Q: What is the difference in the Powder and Liquid Vitamin Squeeze™?
A: Vitamin Squeeze™ offers a Liquid concentrate in a large 8oz bottle for home and a Powder with Natural Ingredients for on the go!

Q: What is the ENERGY Vitamin Squeeze™ like?
A: For those of you that crave that extra BURST of Energy, Vitamin Squeeze™ offers a few flavors enhanced with a 40-60 mg. of a Natural Caffeine. About the same amount you would find in an 8oz cup of coffee. So you can deliciously and nutritiously fuel your day at home or away!

Q: Is Vitamin Squeeze™ ok for my kids to drink?
A: CERTAINLY! Kids LOVE “Squeezing” and the best part is they can now get plenty of nutrition AND be encouraged to drink more water! A win/win! They LOVE the cool patent pending Squeeze technology in lunch boxes, soccer bags, sporting events…you name it! Rave reviews from our young guns!

Q: How much does Vitamin Squeeze™ cost?
A: When added to 8-16oz of drinking water, Vitamin Squeeze™ Liquid Water Enhancer contains 16 healthy servings at approximately .32 each serving! Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancer with NATURAL ingredients contains 12 healthy servings at approximately .33 per serving!

Q: What sweetener does Vitamin Squeeze™ use?
A: Vitamin Squeeze™ Liquid Water Enhancer is sweetened with sucralose and Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancer is sweetened with the Natural Sweetener Stevia. Please see our product page for the exact ingredients and vitamin content in each flavor!

Q: What about Powder Bursts™ and Energy Bursts™? How do they differ from Vitamin Squeeze™ liquid and powder?
A: Powder Bursts™ are designed to offer a healthy 0 calorie, 0 sugar, 0 carb water flavoring. 5 lip smacking all natural flavor bursts of On-the-go powder for your bottled water! And for those of you, who crave catapulting through your day you have met your match in Energy Bursts™!! Try all 3 Energy Bursts™ flavors which are fortified with B vitamins and 60mg natural caffeine per serving. Both Powder Bursts™ and Energy Bursts™ are preservative free and sweetened with sucralose.

Q: What about caffeine?
A: We use a pure natural caffeine from tea leaves. Caffeine consumption is not recommended for children or for caffeine sensitive people.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?
A: We always want to hear from you! Please visit our contact page and email or call us anytime!